2009 m. liepos 28 d., antradienis


Kartais ir tualetas gali padaryti įspūdį. Štai istorija iš WOW awards Didžiojoje Britanijoje.
Just recently I had to stop for a toilet break at a motorway service station. I didn’t take too much notice of where I was or what the place was called. I just followed the signs for the gent’s toilet and went inside.WOW!
The beautiful smell of fresh flowers!
Walls covered with murals of blue skies and sunflowers!
And the sound of birds twittering!
And, of course, the place was spotlessly clean and very pleasant to use.
I came out and asked the till operator all about it.
I bought some sweets and asked for a receipt – just so that I’d know what the place was called.
If you want to visit a toilet that looks, sounds and smells like a walk in the country then visit the Brampton Hut Services.

Man labiausiai patiko, kad tualete čiulbėjo paukšteliai :):) gerai sugalvojo!

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