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Klientų atgalinis ryšys_How to turn customer feedback into actionable business intelligence

Labai paprastas, aiškus ir teisingas straipnis apie klientų atgalinį ryšį. Pateikiu tik ištraukas, kas norėtų gauti visą straipsnį, kreipkitės.
Step 1. Welcome and capture customer feedback
Why is this important? Customers will contact you for a number of reasons; it could be before, during or after a transaction has taken place. It is therefore important that ALL customer feedback whether collected through surveys, emails, phone calls, letters, on line forums and other channels are combined into a single instance, integrating both structured and unstructured data into a central platform which will enable you to extract maximum insight from the information collected.
Step 3. Analyse and report on customer feedback
A high level customer feedback summary – explained in easy terms – for example:
Due to good empowerment at the customer facing points - 1 in 5 customers were helped immediately and didn’t need to re-contact the customer service and / or sales office.
1 in 10 customers commented about this subject and 1 in 30 needed a refund of some sorts.
1000 customers reported a design fault about this item. Which is 20% of the total purchases.
In the month of April, total refunds were x% of sales, of which 90% was for this reason.
There is an increasing trend over the past 6 months from customers telling us *** is not acceptable to them.
It is also recommended to include what action took place to improve these statistics (and that depends on how good your root cause actions are).
AND don’t forget to say the positive items as well and include some customer verbatim comments for real impact!

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