2010 m. kovo 26 d., penktadienis

Efektyvūs pagyrimai

Šį kartą straipsniukas apie pagyrimus. Rekomenduoju naudotis šiais patarimais ir nugalėjus baimę pagirti tuos, kurie verti pagyrų, nes kiekvienam žmogui svarbu būti įvertinimam.

A complement is like a sandwich: something special between two slices of the ordinary. Marlene Dietrich.

The dictionary says: Complement (fr.) (flattery). Praise (mark of appreciation, esteem).

Personally, I prefer to speak of compliments rather than of praise. The reason is the effect on the recipient. Even though the two are very similar, I am convinced that a compliment touches the heart of the recipient more than praise. For me, praise has more to do with logic and rational thinking. It seems to me that it is much harder to pay people a compliment than to praise them. That is my subjective impression.
What do you think is more difficult: making a complaint or paying a sincere compliment?
It‘s tough question to answer. Some people find it difficult to criticize the quality of a product. They would rather accept a fault (albeit unwillingly) than complain about it openly to the person who is selling the product to them. Others find it impossible to praise a sales assistant directly and sincerely when he or she has served them well. Human beings are a very complex and baffling species.
Yet there are many different ways of paying someone a compliment. Then why don‘t we do it more often? Because we lack the courage! We go home and tell our friends and families what outstanding service we got instead of telling the sales assistant face to face. Yet a compliment from us, the customers, is the sales assistant‘s motivation! He or she needs to know they are doing their job well. They might not have a boss who knows how to motivate them, who knows how to provide honest and open feedback on their job performance. In that case, they will be all the more dependant on a compliment from you!
Four tips on how to pay successful compliments
1. Never compliment someone for an average service!
2. Always look people in the eye when you are paying them a compliment.
3. Pay your compliment immediately. Don‘t wait for the „right“ moment.
4. Always express your compliment in your own words and spontaneously. Anything else will seem false, rehearsed and will have a negative effect.

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